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A Trollhättan for everyone

Economical inequality is bad for a country’s development. Vänsterpartiet wants this nation to once again be the world’s most equal society. We want a Sweden for everyone – not only for the rich.

Our children and young adults

We believe in an equal public school for everyone regardless of where you live. All children and teenagers should be offered meaningful cultural- and free time activities. We want to invest specially on preschool, this is where children get a good foundation to further education and development.
We want:
– Smaller groups of children in preschools
– Preschool staff should be able to spend more time on their educational assignments
– All children shall be entitled to a minimum of 25 hours of residence

Our Elderly

Elderly care should have low fees, high quality food and create good living conditions. We believe in a well-functioning, equal and public care for the elderly.
We want:
– Increase basic staffing
– Introduce a social housing service to counter isolation and loneliness
– Skills management plan for all staff

Our municipal employees

Many of the employees of the municipality retire and we will need to find new staff. The municipality must therefore be an attractive employer. Everyone is entitled to have a job, a place to live, and a good life.
We want:
– To try to introduce a six-hour workday with retained salary in appropriate businesses
– Strive to reduce split shifts and eventually fully abolish these
– Investment in skills development, work environment and wages

Together we can build a strong, equal Trollhättan.

About us

Vänsterpartiet is a socialist and feminist party on an ecological basis. You can vote for us in the municipality, the region and the parliament election.

If you have the right to vote, you will receive a voting card in the mail about three weeks before the election. The voting card will tell you what elections you have the rights to vote in, such as name, address, and opening times off your polling place.

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